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Specialised Equipment

  • service engineerCareful service and maintenance work ensures that reliable function will be retained for many years - a central requirement in the medical field. Regular maintenance and inspections are therefore an important safety instrument, because they minimise the risk of failures.
  • With their comprehensive expertise our service technicians at MET Healthcare can detect wear-related defects, replacing parts before they result in damage or failure.
  • Regular inspections and scheduled maintenance programs improve operational reliability.
  • We can make you an offer for regular maintenance and preventive inspections which will precisely meet your requirements.


Consulting right from the start


  • Our service begins even before you decide to buy or lease a one of our products.
  • We have comprehensive consulting services to help you determine which solution you really need.
  • Working closely together with you, we enhance knowledge, optimise processes and achieve better results.
  • You acquire a competitive advantage with MET Healthcare's know-how and many years of experience.


We provide :


  • Short response times inside Northern Ireland and Ireland service engineer based in your vicinity.
  • Qualified assistance and support by trained technicians.
  • A network of support points which is being continually extended.


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