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operating theatreIn operating theatres, operating departments and critical care units, the health and well being of the patient and the smooth operation of the departments depends on close attention to design details.

The organisation and construction of each room must be carefully engineered to suit the requirements of the specialist team.

The co-ordination of services in complex departments is often the most time consuming task associated with modern hospital design. It is for this reason that MET Healthcare provides a totally integrated solution.

The MET Healthcare turn-key package provides the highest quality and standard in departmental construction.

The total package approach ensures uniformity of standards and finishes, enabling speed of construction and co-ordinated engineering service installation, with the consequential savings to the client in both time and money. Architectural and engineering services installations are co-ordinated and carried out by fully trained and experienced staff.

In circumstances where other contractors require services within our area, we are able to provide full co-ordination and installation monitoring of such works. The end result is a first class product and total commitment to the clients needs.

There are several construction methods available, each with their own benefits. MET Healthcare will select the most appropriate system to suit a particular project.