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shadowOur intention is to simplify and facilitate the work done by medical personnel and to promote trouble-free, efficient clinical processes.

We are at your disposal with a broad-based range of products. Not only do we provide high-quality equipment, but we also support you with a comprehensive spectrum of services. We develop and produce products for your everyday clinical needs.

Nowhere is smooth interaction as important as in medicine. From admission to discharge, we analyse the patients` movement through the hospital and the associated work flow.

Our products are optimally coordinated one with another with ergonomics and work flows in medicine always being taken into account. This creates individually networked solutions.


Dialogue leads to innovation.

dialogueNew methods in surgery demand enhanced technical precision while greater individual requirements call for a high degree of flexibility. Rising cost pressures oblige us to increase effectiveness.

We seek substantive dialogue with users and decision-makers, looking for cutting-edge technologies that set entirely new yardsticks in the OR and ICU.