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Beam Supply System

tedisel engineer

The supply beam system enhances your work flow by removing devices and supplies from the floor. It provides direct access to the patient as well as to gas, electricity and I.T. connections.

It allows you to combine a a wide range of highly flexible and variable components

This system allows you to adapt your workplace to changing requirements quickly and easily

It promotes easy cleaning even during use and inhibits dust collection

This system provides you with a choice of different lighting systems, working light, reading or examination light or an indirect night light to enhance patients comfort



  • teydeFunctionality and versatility is demanded for low budget projects where its preferred instead of bed head units
  • Suspension pipes maximum recommended height 1500mm
  • construction of 5 independent profiles offering big equipment capacity
  • Can be equipped with electrical mechanisms and medical gases in front and rear of the beam

Download the Teyde Brochure in PDF format. File size 991kb




  • atlasIdeal solution for hospital areas where columns are not required
  • Made from the highest quality extruded aluminium
  • Gas pipes and electricity cables are housed in separate isolated compartments within the suspension tubes
  • Movable trolleys can be positioned anywhere along the full length of the profile
  • Rounded tray and trolley edges for added personal safety in hurried environments
  • All lighting modules are designed as independent units for ease of access and maintenance

Download the Atlas Brochure in PDF format. File size 2.43mb


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