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Bedhead Trunking

bedhead trunking


  • choice for Hospitalisation or Intensive Care Units as well as for single or double rooms
  • The module is divided in two symmetrical parts which allow housing a separate curtain in the middle
  • Is the first bed head unit in the market integrating a safe and reliable system to install a monitor wall arm for a patient-nurse interactive system.
  • Possible to incorporate folding vertical poles to equip the unit with accessories
  • HPL front surface offers wide range of finishes to match with existing colours or furniture of the room
  • Allows for greater privacy between patients sharing the same room


Download the Zaniah Brochure in PDF format. File Size 683kb


  • One aluminium profile with 3 compartments for direct light and mechanisms, medical gases and indirect light
  • Easy to expand or reduce the the equipment through the clipped covers
  • Decorative stripes act as provision for technical rails to be fixed to the profile
  • Any medical gas standard can be installed in the unit
  • No visible fixings due to the new ABS side injected cover

Download the N270 Brochure in PDF format. File Size 2.49mb


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