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Laminar Flow

UCV Laminar Flow Ceilings

More than ever, hospital air-conditioning and ventilation systems represent one of the most sophisticated areas in modern room air technologies.

MET Healthcare can offer a wide range of different air supply systems to achieve optimal airflow in the operating theatre. The systems which we supply to our clients fully comply with HTM03-01 for Ultra Clean Ventilation

  • The FFD surface filter outlet combines maximum operating security with minimal operational costs and low germ concentrations at the operating table (and, given suitable outlet size, at instrument tables too).
  • MET Healthcare provides operating theatres with full surface filters both with and without optional integrated airflow fans.
  • In contrast to the conventional grooved filter that allows a defined leak, MET Healthcare’s suppliers has been using its proven double-seal system since 1968. Where other systems only seal passively, our suppliers filters seal actively.
  • MET Healthcare’s filter outlets are characterised by low-turbulence air distribution via a one-layer laminiser fabric, with a double-sided structure guaranteeing ease of cleaning.
  • The laminiser fabric is fastened without the use of screws giving the unit a strikingly clear appearance.

Depending on the specific requirements, MET Healthcare supplies differential distributors (laminisers) allowing a targeted accelerated airflow in a defined zone of the outlet field compensating, for example, for the influence of surgical lights.

Laminar flow laminar flow

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