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Patient transfer trolley

MobiDoc is the docking trolley for intrahospital transport and patient-transfer

Relieving the burden during emergency transport, for nursing staff as well:

  • Managing the entire emergency equipment on MobiDoc
  • Continuity in intensive patient care
  • Secure placement of all devices provides cost savings in respect to repairing damage
  • Quick and safe docking to patient beds thanks to the flexible and adjustable docking technology with minimum time and effort
  • Optimum manoeuvrability for the patientīs bed and trolley when docked together, even at the closest quarters
  • Smoothly navigatable and easily manoeuvred unit: Mobidoc & patientīs bed – by a single person – even in the closest quarters
  • Excellent manoeuvrability and transport safety also on uneven surfaces and over long stretches
  • Practical lift transport while docked together: Mobidoc & patientīs bed!

Individual configurations of MobiDoc with multifunctional equipment and custom-made products, tailored to most diverse requirements of intensive care units, emergency rooms etc.


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