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Operating Lights

operating lights

The new era of LED surgical lights.

The requirements of the modern operating room are many and expanding; they demand precision and efficiency on the part of the surgeon.

Our goal is the optimum lighting of your surgical site.

We want to help you see better so that you can work more safely and with less stress/strain. We provide innovative technology, adaptive light, comprehensive functionality and a broad line of model options to suit your individual needs.

TruLight 5000:Creating a new class in surgical lighting.

High-performance LEDs set new benchmarks

Our engineers and designers are dedicated to and motivated by their goal of recognising requirements early on and finding innovative solutions.

In addition to flexibility and energy efficiency, the new TruLight 5000 has improved lighting characteristics with an extremely high level of user comfort. This translates into a higher illumination level of 160,000 lux, innovative possibilities for the sterile control of lighting functions, and optimum light distribution, thanks to Adaptive Light Control Plus technology.

  • Intelligence

Optimised illumination: Thanks to Adaptive Light Control Plus technology, TruLight 5000 automatically ensures optimised illumination at different working distances.

  • User comfort

Intuitive operation: Sensors allow the user to adjust the lighting intensity with the sterile handle.

  • Efficiency

High level of efficiency: The use and unique positioning of innovative LEDs within the light head ensure minimal heat build-up and a high light output.

  • Environmentally friendly

Making a contribution: Powerful LEDs and a highly efficient lighting system minimise energy consumption. In addition, the use of toxic elements during the manufacturing process is eliminated.

  • Flexibility

Can be used anywhere: The flat, compact light head enables the efficient use of space (critical in low ceiling height applications and hybrid rooms) and, thanks to an LAF-Optimised design, ensures the highest level of hygiene during operation.

  • Communication

More than just light: The integration of video systems for high-definition digital transmission provides an optimum communication platform.


TruLight 5300

130,000 Lux, Mobility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the standard segment

Application areas:

  • trauma
  • intensive care unit
  • ambulatory surgery


TruLight 5500

160,000 Lux, Mobility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the standard segment

Application areas:

  • general surgery
  • orthopaedics
  • urology / gynaecology
  • endoscopy

Or select a combination of both, and profit from all the advantages of a high-quality, powerful and innovative lighting system from TRUMPF. Optional accessories like TruVidia camera systems and wall control panels complete the lighting system for your surgical workplace.

Cutting edge technology in the spotlight

Extremely high energy efficiency

The optical lighting system in the TruLight 5000 is based on extensive research and many years of experience in LED technology, lens geometry, and LED elements positioning within the light head. The result is a highly sophisticated, multi-lens matrix that guarantees excellent lighting quality.

Optimum light output

Optimum light output

The intelligent, multi-lens matrix is based on individually embedded LEDs in TRUMPF-designed convergence lenses. Because the LEDs are completely surrounded by the lens, all the light from each individual LED is directed to the surgical site.

A world first: Adaptive Light Control Plus

Adaptive Light Control Plus

Adaptive Light Control Plus (ALC Plus) ensures optimum lighting of the surgical site. If the TruLight 5000 is moved during surgery, the integrated motion detector automatically measures the distance to the wound area and accurately adjusts the lighting so the surgeon can concentrate completely on the patient.

iLED Operating Lights: Meeting Healthcare‘s next-generation demands.

The world’s leading LED surgical lights delivering unrivalled performance.

Achieving world-class status requires leading-edge technologies and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence.

In developing the iLED, the worldīs leading LED surgical light, TRUMPF targeted three objectives: to deliver optimal lighting quality, the highest degree of adaptability and conscientious energy efficiency.

In meeting these objectives, TRUMPF has made iLED the true leader in its class and the perfect partner to meet the evolving demands of modern healthcare environments.

iLED - leading-edge lighting technology.

Thanks to their great performance and outstanding energy efficiency, the use of LEDs to illuminate demanding environments is becoming ever more common. Compared to conventional light sources, light emitting diodes have a whole range of technological, economic and ecological advantages: low heat generation, minimal power consumption and an almost unlimited life expectancy. iLED combines these characteristics. The result: unparallelled performance.

  • Adaptable

Four colour settings provide optimal contrast and resolution for any surgical discipline

  • Precise

Uniform, homogeneous lighting in surface and deep cavity procedures thanks to iLEDīs innovative shadow control

  • Simple

Our ergonomic, sterile operating concept allows for the simple and flexible control of all functions by the surgical team

  • Durable

Almost unlimited LED life expectancy delivers tremendous product reliability and investment protection

  • Efficient

Environmentally proactive: low power consumption and durable LEDs minimise the impact on our precious resources

  • Connected

More than just a light: integrated camera and video systems for digital transmission in high-resolution HD format

iLED 5

The high-end surgical light with maximum lighting power, unequalled functionality and great adaptability.


iLED 3

Mobility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the premium segment

Or you can select a combination of both and profit from all the advantages of a high-quality, powerful and innovative lighting system made by TRUMPF. Optional accessories like TruVidia camera systems, VidiaPort monitor arms and wall control panels complete the premium lighting system for your surgical workplace.

Green technology

LED lights are an exceptionally environmentally friendly alternative to conventional light sources. They are mercury-free, consume very little energy and have an almost unlimited life. The reduced heat generation results in a lower heat load and thus more efficiency in ventilated ceilings.

Superior results: Improved contrast, less fatigue, and greater ease of use

Whether operating in areas which have a good or poor supply of blood, surgeons can optimise their field of view by changing the colour temperature with a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of up to Ra 98. Studies have indicated a higher colour temperature can reduce eye fatigue and improve concentration during long procedures.

Unmatched shadow management optimises concentration and surgical team efficiency

TRUMPF has harnessed the far-reaching potential of the multi-lens matrix to virtually eliminate shadows. The iLED 5īs overlapping fields of light and multiple patterns - selectable based on the surgical situation - minimise shadows and redirect the full selected intensity to the surgical site.

The result is up to 25% more light in deep cavity situations.

Synchronicity for ease of use

For iLED, an innovative operating concept means making all important settings as user-friendly as possible. Specific functions of multiple light heads can be synchronised and operated from a single control panel.

  • On and off-switch
  • colour temperature adjustment
  • Dimming of the Endo stage to 5%

Optimised air flow design for better hygiene

With its open design and superior ventilated ceiling tolerance, iLED ensures that perfect operating conditions are created and hygienic requirements are fulfilled. The airflow surface under the ventilated ceiling is minimised and the reduced heat generation ensures a low turbulence displacement stream under the light head.

Demanding communication requires a platform: iLED

Thatīs why the innovative iLED surgical light line offers integrated, high-quality camera solutions with both Standard Definition (SD) and high resolution HD formats as well as communications via LAN or PC networks in HD quality.

Optionally integratable into the light heads or on a separate support arm mount (like those used for monitors), the cameras can be quickly installed and easily moved from room to room. This integration provides the ideal platform for research areas, teaching institutions and procedure documentation.

Sterile control operations

One of the innovative characteristics of iLED 5: the sterile control concept enables the surgical team to operate all important functions intuitively, quickly and simply - either on the light heads or via a wall control panel.

  • On and off-switch
  • Dimming with integrated Endo mode
  • Synchronisation of multiple light heads
  • Setting / adjusting the colour temperature
  • Shadow management
  • Camera functions

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