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Surgeons Control Panels



  • The panels are made of Corian®, a recommended material for operating theatres due to their aseptic qualities.
  • The surgical facility panel is a product devised to centralise all the operating theatre controls in a technical panel, including electrical equipment, ground unit bar connection and medicinal gases.
  • Access to the technical panels may be carried out in two different ways, from inside and from outside the operating theatre
  • The configuration of the BASIC PANEL is with two doors, a top door that opens upwards and a lower door that opens downwards.
  • The panel’s standard size is 1250 x 1500 x 200mm and can incorporate components such Analogue clock, digital stop-watch, negatoscope, hands-free telephone, medicinal gases alarm, electrical alarm repeaters, negatoscope switch, chronometer control, electrical switches and redundant earth switches.
  • The control elements manufactured by Tedisel are made of polycarbonate sheet and membrane push- buttons, and are easily cleaned.
  • May incorporate a TFT screen no larger than 21” and a keyboard for medical use.
  • The medicinal gases sockets are installed in a completely independent compartment on the bottom half of the panel.
  • The Hermes digital panel offers advantages such as reduced size of the panel, security, connection to pc, etc.

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